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[Nationality] Japanese

[Height] 173cm / [Weight] 62kg

[B (93) / W (75) / H (92)]

[Date of Birth] 05/08/1980

[Language] Japanese / English

[Dance Category]

 Ballet / Contemporary Jazz / Street dance / Acrobat / etc 

<My information>

I've been an official street artist of Tokyo Prefecture since 2010. It’s called ‘’Heaven Artist’’. I learned my handstand skill at the Souri International Circus School etc.


2020 / Duisburger KinderKulturFestival, Parktheaterfestival Lokeren in Belgium etc

/ FRIVOLUS in Koper in Slovenia, Street Art BuskerBus in Poland, JubiläumsTHEATERacker in Osnabrück in Germany, Pilsen Bukers Fest in Poland, Meerbuscher Kirschblütenfest in Germany, De Gevleugelde Stad Ieper in Belgium, STRTFSTVL Showcase in Netherlands etc.

~2018 / NUIT DES LAMPIONS in Luxembourg (2018), DI PIAZZA IN PIAZZA in Cosenza in Italy (2018), Buskers Fest České Budějovice in Czech (2018), Japan Tag in Duesseldorf in Germany (2018, 2015, 2014), Kinder Expo in Krefeld in Germany (2018, 2014), LE FIERE DEL TEATRO - Sarmede in Italy (2017), Mojoca Festival in Moio della civitella in Italy (2017), DAS FEST in Karlsruhe in Germany (2016) etc.

.NAGOYA DAIDOGEI Festival - Contest - 2nd place (2018),
DAIDOGEI WORLD CUP in SHIZUOKA in Japan (2018, 2017), Dispatched shows for some disaster areas by the support of Tokyo prefecture (2014) and some more festivals in Japan such as Porikoro-Park, Heaven Ginza, Ise Natsu-Machi-Matsuri, Chuo-City Marugoto Museum, Matsumoto Machinaka Daidogei etc. (2009~2019)

As a dancer I've been a Potential artist (Dancer) of Cirque du Soleil since March 2015. I was engaged with Theater Bonn, Theater Dortmund, Dance Compagnie Fredwess, Deutsche Oper am Rhein, TANZ theater INTERNATIONAL 2015, Dance Theatre Luxembourg (Jean-Guillaume Weis), Tanzmoto dance company in Essen, Theater Rites in London etc. I’ll start to work with Finn Caroline (the former artistic director of National Dance Company Wales)

<Description of the performance>
My main piece is called ''Letter''. It’s a harmonious piece between dance, hand balancing and magic. A man is waiting for a letter every day. It's the letter from his valuable person. Depending on the audience, the valuable person would change. When the letter reaches him, it will remind them of their own valuable person.
In addition there is an artistic hand balancing act with handstand canes, which is called “I’m still flying…”. The theme is the conflict of distance with his valuable person.
My show consists of some pieces which include the two above pieces.
My style is based on contemporary dance, jazz dance, ballet, street dance, acrobatics (especially hand balancing) etc.
Playing times: Max 4 times × 11-25 minutes
Playing area: Min 4.5 m x 4.5 m × 4.5 m. A flat floor is an important element.