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[Nationality] Japanese

[Height] 173cm / [Weight] 62kg

[B (93) / W (75) / H (92)]

[Date of Birth] 05/08/1980

[Language] Japanese / English

[Dance Category]

 Ballet / Contemporary Jazz / Street dance / Acrobat / etc 

<My info>

  As a street artist I've been an official street artist of Tokyo Prefecture since 2009. It’s called ‘’Heaven Artist’’. I learned handstand skill at Souri International Circus School (2009). 

  -Japan- DAIDOGEI WORLD CUP IN SHIZUOKA (2017), Heaven Artist IN Ginza (2017),  Dispatched shows for some disaster areas by the support of Tokyo prefecture (2014), some festivals (20092014)

-Germany- DAS FEST in Karlsruhe (2016), Japan Tag in Duesseldorf (2015 and 2014), Sonnenblumensonntag in Meerbusch (2015), Kinder Expo in Krefeld (2014), Familienfest in Krefeld (2014) etc. 

  -The other countries- LE FIERE DEL TEATRO – Sarmede in Italy (2017), Mojoca festival in Italy (2017), Guam summer beach festival in Guam (2016) etc. 


<Description of the performance> 

There are some dance repertoires which were based on contemporary dance, jazz dance, ballet and street dance. 

In addition a handstand act with a pair of handstand canes.

Thank you so much.